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Home of the Australian Open 2009 & 2010
Home of the Victorian Open 2011 - 2020

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The January Newsletter is now available.

Club Person of the Year

The Board has decided to introduce an award for the Club Person of the Year. This award is designed to recognise a quiet achiever at the club who helps make our club a great place, but who does not receive formal recognition in any other way. Full details are included on the January Newsletter. Please consider nominating a member who deserves a pat on the back for their efforts.

Club Events

The draws for the 21 Up, 100 Up and Mixed Pairs have been done. Click here to see them. Please endeavour to play games by the due dates.

Pennant Practice Sessions

Official practice sessions for members intending to play Pennant are now taking place. All players should attend to attend at least one relevant session.

Monday and Friday at 1pm

Tuesday and Thursday from 5pm

Roles and Responsibilities

A paper outlining the role of many club committees and the responsibilities to be undertaken by them.




  Midweek Pennant
  Men’s 60 & Over
      Shepparton Golf
  Night Pennant
  Men’s 2x2 Jackpot
  Ladies 60 & Over
      East Shepparton
  Weekend Pennant
10  100up – 1st round
10  21up – 2nd round
10  Mixed Pairs –
       round 4 completed
10  Mixed Drawn
      Canadian Pairs –
      entries close
12  Midweek Pennant
13  Men’s 60 & Over
      & Dookie
13  Ladies 60 & Over
      Shepparton RSL
13  Night Pennant
14  Tournament -
       Men’s 5 a Side
16  Weekend Pennant
17  Mixed Drawn
       Canadian Pairs –
       Round 1
19  Midweek Pennant
20  Men’s 60 & Over
20  Night Pennant
21  Men’s 2x2 Jackpot
21  Ladies 60 & Over
       Hill Top
23/24 Weekend
24  21up – 3rd round
24  100up – 2nd round
24  Mixed Drawn
      Canadian Pairs   
       –Round 2
26  Midweek Pennant –
       Qualifying &
       Elimination Finals
27  Men’s 60 & Over
27   Ladies 60 & Over
        Shepparton Park
27  Night Pennant
28  Men’s 2x2 Jackpot
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