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Our Social Bowls program aims to break the barriers and make the process of joining a new club a pleasant experience for prospective new bowlers and to recognise the many reasons why one would want to join the club. Itís a way of trying before you buy, to see if itís for you. As new players can play each night of the competition with a set of bowls that has been borrowed from the club, it means that you can experience bowling without having to purchase some bowls.

To this end we have designed a program that enables the new bowlers to mingle in with competent club members who will impart basic bowls knowledge as needed in the context of still being able to have competitive games. We want to create a friendly atmosphere where people are socialising and building friendships through the activity of bowling. We aim to be able to cater for all levels of bowling ability.

The Structure of our program

Our Social Bowls program is held on a Wednesday evening to take advantage of daylight saving through the Spring Summer and Autumn time.

We run a series of 7 games in the spring (Oct-Dec), followed by another 7 games (Feb-March). We would like you to commit to participating in one or both 7 game series, so that our teams can build a friendly rivalry amongst each other. However, we do realise that things happen and most of us are at a time in life where grandchildren duties may pop up out of the blue. We will also run skill training sessions at other times of the year where we can work with the club coaches for those players who would like to improve their game.

We start the evening at 6.15. The bar is open throughout the evening.

Games are to start at 6.45 Sharp and to finish no later than 8.45.

We donít mind if you enter your own team, but we do want competitive games, so please donít stack your team with 3 very good bowlers. Single entries are encouraged and you will be placed in a team of 3 players of varying skills and play with 3 bowls each. We play a game of 12 ends.

At 8.50 we will have a small presentation of prizes and a little more socialisation. Should all be finished up by 9.15pm.

We have found that this suits most people.

Please read the 2021/2022 Social Bowls Information Sheet to give you more detailed information.

What we would like to achieve

The aim is to have 100 people wanting to participate in our Social Bowls program of which 50% are established bowlers at the club who are interested in transitioning new bowlers into good club members. The other 50% to be relatively new members that have been introduced over the past 2 years. We would like to introduce at least 20 new members each year.

We have found that new members all have good contacts and if they enjoy what we have to offer they will introduce others and the cycle will continue.

We have been using this format over the past 3 years and our numbers have increased from 10 to 80 last season. So hopefully we can push to 100 this coming season. Letís all work to make it happen.

If you want to know more about the program feel free to call me.

Angelo Russo

Mobile 0414 476 206. You can call or leave a text message.