Social Events


Happy Hour

Happy Hour occurs each Friday night, from about 5pm till about 7pm. It often start earlier and ends later. Cheese and bickies are provided, there is a raffle and lots of chin-wagging. 
There are usually announcements made to keep members informed about current happenings.
Rodger also conducts the Spinning Wheel for members and visitors who have purchased a number at the start of the season. This season they start on October 2nd.

Chicken & Salad Nights

On the last Friday of the month we hold a Chicken and Salad Night following Happy Hour. This involves purchasing chicken and the ladies providing salads and sweets. A small charge is made to cover the cost of the chicken. 
These are very popular nights, with over 90 people in attendance most nights last season. A list goes up on the notice board a week or so in advance for people to add their names.

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