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Welcome to Shepparton Park Bowls Club. We are a relatively young club formed from the merger of Shepparton Bowling Club and Kialla Park Bowls Club in 2004. We think lawn bowls is a great game and we are proud to have the best facilities in the area, if not in regional Victoria.

This page will hopefully provide answers to some of the questions you may have about our club, lawn bowls and how you can become involved in this great game. If you want further questions answered you can contact anyone at the club or specifically those listed on our Contacts page. A brochure containing much of this information is available here.

Where are we?
Our club is located at the Kialla Park Recreation Reserve. The best access is via Raftery Road and Recreation Drive. There is plenty of parking. A map showing our location is available here.
When can I play?
Affiliated members can practise whenever the greens are open. Pennant matches are played on Tuesday and Saturday and there is a regular tournament each Thursday. Other tournaments are played at various stages throughout the season. A social competition which includes non-affiliated bowlers takes place on Wednesday evenings and is very popular. A full list of the seasons activities is available here. Affiliated bowlers are able to play in tournaments at any club. 

The weekly schedule for the greens is as follows:

Monday:      Greens closed for maintenance until approx. 1pm.
                    1pm Midweek Pennant Practice
Tuesday:      Midweek Pennant during summer season (Mid Sept – Late March) 9.30 am – 3.30pm (approx.)
                    4.30pm Men’s Pennant Practice
Wednesday: Greens open. 
                    Night Social Pennant from 6.30pm – 9.30pm from  mid Oct to end March each year. 
Thursday:     9 am – 12 noon  Ladies practice/social  
12.30pm – 4 pm Men’s 2 x 2 Pairs 
                   4.30pm Men’s Pennant Practice
Friday:        Greens closed for until approx. 11.30am 
                    1pm Midweek Pennant Practice
                   Pennant Practice 5 -6.30pm
Saturday:     Saturday Pennant from 1 pm
Sunday:       Greens Open all day. Closed 5.00 pm for watering.

Where can I play or practise?

There is a board near the northern entrance indicating which greens are available, and which direction to play. Please observe this sign as often greens must be rested to encourage growth. You may see a sign indicating East/West or North/South. This is because the direction of play needs to be varied to prevent undue wear. Please follow these signs.

The Foundation Green is in front of the clubhouse, the Members Green is the other grass green and the Rose Green is the undercover synthetic green. 

Club contact persons
There are many people in the club who can help you out and answer questions you may have. The principal contacts are listed on our Contacts page.
Club activities
We are not just about bowls. The club has many social activities for members to enjoy. Each Thursday afternoon we have Happy Hour, which starts about 5.00pm. 
Each month we hold a Chicken and Salad night where members and their guests enjoy a sit down meal, often with some form of entertainment. 
Our club has a packaged alcohol licence, and non-members are asked to sign the visitors book near the bar.
Categories of membership
We have three main membership categories, each with their own level of entitlement. Full time students over the age of 18 years pay a reduced club membership fee plus appropriate affiliation fees, while retaining the entitlements of full membership.
Category Entitlements
  • Affiliated with appropriate State and local governing bodies
  • Use of club facilities
  • Entitled to vote at meetings
  • Entitled to hold an office within the club
  • Able to play Pennant
  • Able to compete in Tournaments
  • Must be under 18 years of age as at start of season (1st May)

  • Affiliated with appropriate State and local governing bodies

  • Use of club facilities

  • Able to play Pennant

  • Able to compete in Tournaments

  • Not entitled to vote at meetings

  • Not entitled to hold an office within the club

  • Use of club facilities

  • Not affiliated with appropriate State and local governing bodies

  • Not entitled to vote at meetings

  • Not entitled to hold an office within the club

  • Not able to play Pennant

  • Not able to compete in Tournaments

Membership application process
If you wish to become a member, you will need to complete an Application for Membership form. These can be obtained from the notice board beside the bar, or downloaded from the website here. This will then be considered by the Board at its monthly meeting.
Playing bowls isn't too expensive, once you have your set of bowls and uniform. This can be an expensive start-up, but they will last for quite a long time. 
Membership fees for 2022/2023 are: Affiliated $180 and Social $50. Green fees for Pennant are $10, Club Events are $10 and tournament entry fees vary between $20 and $50 depending the length of the event and what is provided.
How do I get a uniform?
If you wish to play pennant, or just want to show off your club membership when playing tournaments at other clubs, you will need to purchase a club shirt. These are available at the club, and the contact person for this is Joy Gardam, phone 0422 214 954.
Bowls discs
If you wish to play pennant, or just want to show off your club membership when playing tournaments at other clubs, you will need to affix a set of club stickers on your bowls. These are available from the Tournament Office, and are free.
Club coach
This year the club has the services of a club coach. Many senior members will also happily provide instruction in all aspects of the game. 
Membership Director
The Club has a Board member responsible for membership development. This role is to encourage new members and initiate programs to assist in this end. This year the Director is Leonie Freeman.
Club booklet
Each season we produce a booklet listing all planned club events, contact people for the various activities of the club and a list of all members and their contact details. You will be provided with this booklet and membership card on payment of your annual subscriptions. 
The club year starts on May 1st and ends on April 30th the following year. 
Each month during the Summer season the Board Secretary publishes a newsletter to let members know what is happening around the club. Members who have email addresses notified to the club receive an email letting them know that the newsletter is available on the web site. Those without email are able to collect a printed copy in the clubhouse. By using email we can reduce printing costs, so please notify the secretary if you are happy to receive communications this way. The newsletters are found on the Documents page.
Tournaments are one-off bowls events held at this club, as well as most other clubs. Affiliated bowlers are able to enter these events and must pay an entry fee. Most tournaments require a team entry (usually pairs, triples or fours). Sometimes club stipulate single entry, and entrants are placed into teams. 
Tournaments are different to playing pennant, and are a great way to see other clubs and play with or against players you may not normally play with. 
Our tournaments are listed here as well as in our club booklet. Tournaments at other clubs are listed on the Region website as well as on flyers placed on noticeboards in the clubhouse.
Club events
Each season the club match committee conducts club championships and all affiliated members are invited to participate. These championships are conducted in various forms, with most being handicap events. This allows newer or inexperienced bowlers the chance to compete on an equal footing to better bowlers. Entering these events is a great way to improve your game and also to learn from other bowlers. A small entry fee is charged for each event.
The handicaps are re-calculated each season and are displayed on the club noticeboard.
Club involvement opportunities
We are a volunteer club. This means that people undertake roles within the club because they wish to help the club. Without volunteers we would need to employ staff with the associated dramatic increase in cost to members. New members are encouraged to help out in some way so that they get the most from their membership. You might be interested in helping out on one of the many committees, help behind the bar or catering activities, or working on the greens, cooking the barbecue, help with visiting corporate groups, etc, etc, etc. The range of jobs is endless. For more information on how you can become more involved in the day-to-day activities of the club, you can contact anyone listed on the Contacts page or the Bowls Committee page.
The club relies heavily on generous sponsors to help with our finances. Without their generous support our club fees and charges would need to be a lot higher. Our sponsors are listed here. When seeking goods and services please consider our sponsors in your deliberations and let them know you are from our club, so that they can see they are getting value for their sponsorship.
Solving problems
If you experience problems or conflicts with other club members, there are Welfare and Member Protection officers listed on the Bowls Committee page who you can contact to help resolve the issue, or you could approach a Board member. There is a clearly defined conflict resolution procedure set out in our club constitution. The Constitution is on the Documents page.
Club management framework
The responsibility for the overall management of the Club rests with the Board of Management. The Board is elected at our Annual General Meeting in May each year. In practical terms the Board looks after the finances, membership and facilities aspects of the club, and delegates some responsibilities to Managers who report back to the Board. The current board members, managers and club management structure are listed on the Board page.

The Board delegates responsibility for the bowls activities to the Bowls Committee. This committee has many sub-committees which handle different aspects and segments of our bowls activities. The committees and their members are listed here.

Bowls hierarchy
Lawn Bowls is a truly international sport. The sport is governed by World Bowls, and many international events are held each year. Lawn Bowls is also a sport played at the Commonwealth Games every four years.

In Australia, bowls is governed by Bowls Australia, with each State and Territory having its own governing body. 

Our governing body is Bowls Victoria

Locally our governing body is the Central Goulburn Murray Bowls Region.

Each of the Australian governing bodies conduct national and intrastate events, so as an affiliated member of our club you have the opportunity to compete throughout Australia and the world.

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